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Unable to Export Sheets to PDF when QlikSense is connected from class using .Net SDK

I am developing a .net Windows Desktop Application which would connect to Qlik Sense and access the apps and sheets available with in the hub. I was able to connect to Qlik Sense Desktop with QlikSense .Net SDK . My requirement is to export the apps/sheets as pdf/csv. i have tried ISheet.ExportData(NxExportFileType.EXPORT_CSV_C, "/qHyperCubeDef", sheet.MetaAttributes.Title + "_Download") but it returned invalid Parameters error.

Also the API Documentation reads that the .Net SDK has limited functionality.

can i achieve this functionality with the help of .Net SDK ? or Do i need to try some other API.

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Contributor II


I am not sure about the .Net SDK. But see below equivalent code that needs to write in your custom application JavaScript. This will enable default export options in QlikSense.

"support:{snapshot: true, export: true, exportData: true},"



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Hi Kranthi,

Thanks for your reply. I have been trying with .Net SDK i havent been successful to achieve export operation.
I wanted to explore using Rest API in my C# code, If you have any knowledge on this api then can you pls throw some light on the following

- How can i establish/ login to QlikSense with rest service, what should my user id be ? do we need a certificate with the webrequest.

- How to create session cookie

- Virtual proxy, I have installed QlikSense Desktop app do i have to install QMC to create the proxies. I think qmc is not available for trial.

Basically from my .Net class i have to make rest calls login to Qlik Sense=> create a session cookie, using the cookie i have to send webrequest to Get Apps and Sheets.

i think i have asked for a lot of information but,Pls help me with what ever information you can


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Partner - Specialist

Hello, Vijrumbhan 

I am currently working on something similar,
Did you make it work in your case?

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Partner - Contributor III


Actually, you can use PhantomJS or SlimerJS for C# .NET to retrieve screenshots of your visualizations in Qlik sense and then create your own NPrinting.

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Partner - Contributor III


There are a several ways to establish a connection with Qlik sense like the static header,  tickets, direct NTLM etc.... and also with cookies as you said.

I invite you to check this =>

Btw, there is no QMC for Qlik sense desktop, you can establish a connection directly using 4848 port.

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Contributor II

Hi Vijrumbhan ,

    Am also facing the same problem, here am trying like

My code :

qsApp.GetSheet("GnAzpy").ExportData(NxExportFileType.EXPORT_CSV_C, @"C:\Users\GIS\Documents\visual studio 2017\Projects\Qlik Engine\Qlik Engine", "Download");

am getting error like " invalid parameters 8 invalid parameters() " , how can i fix this one and could you please share the code