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Use Variables Values as Dimensions

Hi experts,

I'm new to Qlik, I have read several post concerning the problem and tried most of them, but still I can't figure out why this formula it's not working.

=if(num(aggr(sum(if(upper(Measure_type)=vMisura3  and ($(v_test3) =text(v_test4)),Value,0)),$(v_test1)))>num($(v_test2)),'Yes','No')

The problem is concerning the bold part.

I have created two variables:

v_test3 has as static values the names of different dimension (Client,Function)

v_test4 has the possible values that the two dimensions contain (e.g.  Nike, Adidas,etc. for the Client)

I then added 2 input boxes in which the user have to select the values for v_test3 and v_test4.

Trying to explain better I would like to have $(v_test3) =(v_test4) to be like Client = 'Nike'  where client is the dimension and Nike is the value he has to look for.

Is it possible to do it? Thanks in advance for your help!

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