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Contributor II
Contributor II

Vizlib Extra Mapping Intervals

During our building of a Vizlib Finance PnL we have been able to use the standard Vizlib Template with using a Hierarchy Table for Account (D_Account_Node as seen in attachment) and we have been able to create a PnL using the ExtraMappingIntervals to add an additional linkage by Profit Center and Account to our PnL.  

Is there a way that we can add a 2nd or 3rd Extra Mapping Interval to the Vizlib template and how will that change the base code to the Vizlib Script that is used?

I have attached a sample of my Vizlib template:

  1. PNL - basic
  2. PNL_FLASH - using 1 Extra Mapping Intervals (added Profit Center)
  3. PNL_FLASH_NEW - This is where I will need help on- adding a 2nd Extra Mapping Intervals (Company)
    1. How do I code it in the Vizlib Script in Qlik?
    2. How do I specify it in the Options tab on the Vizlib Template?

I have indicated in Orange on the PNL_FLASH_NEW & Options page what I am trying to add.

I have also included my Qlik script to create the new table using that 1 Extra Mapping Interval so that it links to my Fact table because in our Fact table we have replaced Account with a %Account so that it creates a reference to a Node table for faster processing.  

Thank you,


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