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Creator II
Creator II

Widget Help

Hi Friends,

I am creating a data binding widget , that fetches data from a  field in my data set.

<div class="dropdown">
  <span><button class="dropdown-1">Metric Info</button>
  <div class="dropdown-content">

   <!-- Get a list of all measures -->
<h6><ul ng-repeat="head in data.headers">


Data entry people enter (_x000D_ ) for new line. I am writing measure as

" only({<[%KEY_CD]={'abcd'}>}HELP) ", but html doesn't seem to handle carriage return. is there a way to

It is a bit urgent , so quick responses are be highly Appreciated.


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Creator III
Creator III

Hi Archana,

You can create links to urls in a native Table object only. Using the next format:



and one last thing you have to select 'URL' as the representation mode.

IF you want a button to take you to an URL. You will need an extension.

Here you can can find many of them, and of course they are certify by Qlik. The VizLib Advanced Text Object, will do the trick.

Vizlib | Qlik Sense Extension Library


Carlos M