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Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor

Zero represented as blank in xls export (unwanted)


QS is behaving strangely after the upgrade Feb2018 enterprise to Apr2019 enterprise (but also in my Feb2019 Desktop).

When exporting a table to excel, the cells which contain a zero are represented as blank. The value is present in the cell (you can see it when you click on it) but it happears as blank.

zero as blank.png










if you look at the format in xls you see the following:


This is the code I used to create a table containing numbers from 0 to 9:

load RowNo()-1 as riga
AutoGenerate 10;


It does not happen if I slitly change the code to:

load (RowNo()-1)/3 as riga
AutoGenerate 10;

zero as zero.png










In this case the format in excel is the generic one:



1) Has anyone experienced the  same issue?

2) Is there any way to fix it for the entire app? Maybe using some kind of variable similar to MoneyFormat. I have thousands of fields and it is unthinkable to change the format one by one.

Thank you for your support.

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Creator II
Creator II

@giu_mancuso  Facing same issue. Did you find any solution ?

In my case, I am able to see values in Qlik Dashboard but when I export to excel, the cells show null value. And as mentioned by you when I click on the cell, it shows value as 0 on the value bar.


Qlik Screenshot:

Excel zero value.JPG


Exported Excel Screenshot:

excel zero value 2.JPG


excel zero value 3.JPG





Looks like this behavior persists (haven't tested yet) when dimension is exported. For measure if number format is used, it exports properly, I just saw this post with similar issue -


Contributor III
Contributor III

With the LogiExport extension for QlikSense you can control the formatting of the exported file: