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Contributor III
Contributor III

calculated measure

I’m trying to  create a measure that would give me the total transaction net amt if the transaction consists of a particular discount reason.

For example, in transaction 52609 one of items used the discount reason “Mailer-F1:20”.  The total net amt for this transaction is 624.20.

Could you tell me what expression for the measure should be to give this result?

Date/TimeStoreTranItem codeQtyUnit priceReasonDisc $Net Amt
09/01/2019 12:54:05 PM107526061919 FOX164.9950 Off Extra Sale32.4932.50
09/01/2019 12:57:56 PM107526071862 RBK114.50 0.0014.50
09/01/2019 12:57:56 PM107526073461 LEE114.50 0.0014.50
09/01/2019 12:57:56 PM107526073830 PAS124.50 0.0024.50
09/01/2019 01:10:40 PM107526081937 IBK198.50 0.0098.50
09/01/2019 01:21:14 PM107526091102 LEE52.25 0.0011.25
09/01/2019 01:21:14 PM107526091247 LEE114.95 0.0014.95
09/01/2019 01:21:14 PM107526091034 LEE116.50 0.0016.50
09/01/2019 01:21:14 PM107526091927 BRO1275.00Mailer-F1:2055.00220.00
09/01/2019 01:21:14 PM107526092667 VLG1118.00 0.00118.00
09/01/2019 01:21:14 PM107526091922 OST1145.00 0.00145.00
09/01/2019 01:21:14 PM107526091989 IBK198.50 0.0098.50


John Doub


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Net Amt : Sum([Unit Price])-Sum([Disc $])

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Contributor III
Contributor III

thanks for replying but your expression doesn't give a transaction total if there is a particular discount used in the transaction.