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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

clear Qlik Sense Desktop credentials

I used the Client Authentication link to try and authenticate against our internal development server. Link worked, I was asked for my credentials... and my guess is I failed to enter the correct domain name. The result is that is tells me I am missing a user pass. My employee account does have a Prof license, yet because I did not enter a domain name, it is likely looking for my account name in the local server directory and checking if that has a pass.

So... I want to switch accounts to solve the problem, yet I can't get it done. When I click on the link it immediately tells me "no pass" without being able to switch credentials. I even tried removing the link and adding it again, but apparently it remembered the details and continues telling me "no pass".

So my question is:

Where does QS Desktop store these credentials, so I can delete them there and hopefully trigger a login screen again to correct my initial mistake.

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Master III
Master III

Taking this topic with my private account to get updates on both Email addresses and so that people know this is the same person.

May you live in interesting times!