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I am back for another problem, that I couldn't find out.

For each "Code groupement", I have machines.

The machines are grouped by lines. For exemple:

on the image 1: machine Architect plus i2000sr and Immulite 2000xpi are on the same line.

I managed to have the technical time on 1 machine, per month. The formular used is :

sum(total<Machine,Month> aggr(sum([Nbr analyses]/[Cadence Chgt Tech])+sum([Nbr analyses]/[Cadence Manip Tech])+[Temps Set up annuel],Month,Machine))

But i wanted to display the total technical time of all machines which are on the same line.

So for example, both Architect plus i2000sr et Immulite 2000xpi have to display : 121,792xxxxx (which is 83,612xxx + 38,18xxxx)

I doubt to use the same formular above, but need to change a bit so that i can be grouped by lines.

Can anyone help me to find out?

Thanks very much

ex qliksens 1.PNG

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