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qlik sense pivot table wrong behaviour of sums



in Qlik Sense I'm would like to compare my order book and planning on a customer, material and date level.

For my statement if(sum(#plan)>sum(#orders),sum(#plan),sum(#orders) the pivot table seems to calculate this for every dimension seperately. That leads to a behaviour where the sum above my material on the customer level is wrong because it compares the sum of sales (customer level) with the sum of plan (customer level) and does not add the sums of the materials one level deeper. So if i am now manually adding up the numbers on material level on the calculator the sum is wrong whereas it shows the exact sum of the sales on customer level (depending whats higher).


Table plan is concatenated to table orders.

I would really like to avoid joining those tables and compare on a script level in my data model. 

Are there any solutions to this?

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after hours playing around with i found it out: