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Improved search on community

Is it possible to narrow down my search result in the community? I would like to filter by Period, a collection of forums, if A certain user have replied   to the topic, if its solved or not and key word or phrases. 

I don't care if it is done by ticking boxes or by smart search words like you do in Google search, but hopefully be available when using a mobile device.

Use case:

I see a question in the community that is similar to a question I solved for another user a while back. 

I remember there where a lot of details and examples attached to the answer that I world like to recycle into this new question, but I have trouble narrowing down my search.


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Improved search on community

@Vegar  I think that once we fix labels it will help with the search, as you can subscribe to a label, however, I know today there are just too many but this will improve.  That is something we will be addressing soon. Additionally, we are going to put into production the ability for you to set up keywords and you'll be able to set your preferences to be alerted to those posts with the keywords you set up.  I hope this helps.

Sue Macaluso