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Alternate States within Qlik Sense?

If there is one thing I've learned in 12+ years working with Healthcare data ... COMPARISONS ARE CRITICAL.

Telling end users to "make some selections and write down the KPI values, clear their selections and make other selections and then write those values down and compare them in your head" doesn't really go over well. Besides the incredibly powerful ETL features that I continue to shout about in my Tech Thursday sessions one of the other biggest features that caused me to become the Qlik Dork in the first place was the amazing STATE ENGINE that Qlik provides.

Not only does Qlik support the ability to set a single state for value selections and maintain those seamlessly throughout all of the application screens, it provides the ability to set ALTERNATE STATES as well. Which gives your end users the ability to make comparisons.

Comparing a selected physician against all his peers: Too easy and Set Analysis lets you do that without an issue.

Comparing a selected physician against the average of 5 other selected physicians ... now that's where Alternate States comes in handy.

I recently created a blog post that documented how to utilize Alternate States in QlikView as a way to showcase the new C...offering Qlik Healthcare has. Seeing your systems repeated scores is good. But seeing how you compare to the average of your specific competitors is really special. If you have been a long time QlikView developer and a fan of Alternate States like me you may have wondered why in the world Qlik Sense doesn't support them.

The truth is that Qlik Sense does support them. The problem is that the user interface doesn't provide you the dialog boxes to set the properties needed. But that is simple to overcome. You simply need 2 extensions from

Alternate State Actions for Qlik Sense   and   Set Object State in Qlik Sense

I created a video for you that demonstrates how to utilize the extensions within Qlik Sense so that you can take advantage of them to add power, flexibility and insights for your end users.

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Contributor III
Contributor III


Great to see you in action at Qonnections last week.

I saw something that seemed to indicate that States could be defined within Sense now without using the Extensions.   If that is the case - can you point out relevant threads/help that discusses this - I've found more than a few View related items (and as soon as I post this I'm sure I'll come across Sense threads) but haven't found any Sense one's just yet.

Alternatively - when are these extensions going to be part of the QS base product?

Thank you!

Creator III
Creator III


Alternate States is now available on Qlik Cloud.

Alternate states QS 2.JPG