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Display both master items and fields in Insight Advisor Chat from hub

Hi All,

I am using Insight Advisor May version. I have an app enabled for Insight Advisor chat in hub. This app has master items.

When I select this app in Insight Advisor hub and click on Measures/ Dimensions , it shows only the master items.

I even have business logical model created and few script fields have been made visible. But they are not appearing. If I hide all the master items, the script fields are visible.

Could you please let me know how to get the combination of both script fields and master items of an app in Insight Advisor chat from hub?

Any help is appreciated.

2 Replies

Hi Addy,

Modifying the visibility is not the only factor to be taken into consideration when dealing with Insight Advisor Chat or Insight Advisor Search. You need also to consider the fields & group classification & Data value lookup ( Ungrouping fields affect the result of  Insight Advisor  Insight Advisor.
Can you share your qvf sample + screenshot showing your result in  Insight Advisor chart?

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

The Insights Advisor Chat still appears to only show master items. I understand the expectation to see fields that you've defined as dimensions in the logical model to appear. However, is there a reason why you wouldn't make master items from the fields?