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Qlik Sense February 2021 Patch 4 - Resolved Defects

Digital Support
Digital Support

Qlik Sense February 2021 Patch 4 - Resolved Defects

Below is the list of defects resolved with Qlik Sense February 2021 Patch 4. For more information, please see the attached Release Notes.

Environment: Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows on Window February 2021 Patch 4

Date Range Picker: Range selection not working.
Jira issue ID: QB-4407
Description: After the fix, the Range Selection works as expected

Date Picker: Select date range filter isn't working.
Jira issue ID: QB-3959
Description: After the fix, the Range Selection works as expected.

High memory consumption when loading a pivot table
Jira issue ID: QB-3924
Description: When the customer expanded a pivot table (ExpandLeft), it took a long time and RAM usage increased with 25 Gb before the table was expanded. The RAM went back to normal level after the pivot table was expanded.

Date Picker: Not showing correct date for Range Today.
Jira issue ID: QB-3409
Description: Because of different time zones, the date comparisons failed when checking for Range.
Note: With the solution, the Range today works as expected.

Added connection property for AuthSource
Jira issue ID: QB-3364
Description: Added connection property for AuthSource

Button for Navigation shows as 404 Not Found in published mashup
Jira issue ID: QB-2594
Description: With this fix, the button for navigation is working in mashups.

Date Picker: Dropdown is not shown properly if the date picker is placed at bottom.
Jira issue ID: QB-2511
Description: Fixed to open the dropdown up or down based on the location of the date picker on the window.

Variable Input: Set Expression with special characters ('<','>').
Jira issue ID: QB-2356
Description: The special characters are encoded for fixing XSS issues, but in this scenario the symbols represent mathematical operations, so the issue occurred.
Note: The fix now decodes the text and then value is assigned to the variable.

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