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How to restore PGO files from a backup

Digital Support
Digital Support

How to restore PGO files from a backup

CAL (Client Access License) information is stored in a combination of PGO files. If information becomes corrupt or is lost, the only way to bring back the CAL assignments without reassigning them all is to restore the PGO files from a backup. This article will describe steps to restore the necessary files from a backup.

For information on how to create a backup, please review this article: How to make a backup of PGO files



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Instructions for restoring PGO files from a backup:

  1. From the Windows Services applet (Start menu > search for "services"), stop the Qlikview Server service.


  2. Locate the current files that will be removed. They are stored in two locations and are listed as follows:
    1. The root folder. The location of this folders are defined in the QMC > System > Setup > QlikView Server > Folders tab > Root folder
      • BorrowedCalDat.pgo
      • CalData.pgo
      • IniData.pgo
      • ServerCounters.pgo
      • TicketData.pgo
    2. The QlikTech\QlikViewServer folder.
      The default file path is %ProgramData%\QlikTech\QlikViewServer     
      • FUL.dat
      • CalData.pgo
      • IniData.pgo
      • ServerCounters.pgo
      • BorrowedCalData.pgo
      • TicketData.pgo
  3. Move the old PGO files that will be replaced to a new folder (you can call it 'OldPGOs'). Make sure to do this on all QlikView Servers if running a cluster.
  4. Now move the backup files to their proper locations: the Root folder AND the QlikTech\QlikViewServer folder (the file paths are as previously mentioned in step 2).
  5. Start the QlikView Server service again.
  6. Check in the QMC to verify that the CAL assignments are restored to the way they were when the backup was originally made. 
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