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Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Must Include - Can you use an S3 bucket to store your QVS files, What's the best place to put them?

Hi there,

I'm migrating from on Prem to Cloud and want to know the best way to include our QVS files...

We have AWA S3 buckets, would that be able to link qvs files into the script?

I've read Dropbox or Onedrive maybe the only way to do it? 

What's the best way to handle qvs files in cloud (I need to also link them to GitHub)

Many thanks

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Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi @richard_pearce6 ,

we use S3 buckets and as far as I know we do not have any issues using must_include. But keep in mind that AWS policies applied in your company might complicate your solution e.g. key rotation of IAM users in case of external accessing from VSCO (Visual Studio Code) or need to implement two-steps authentication method etc.

You can see limitation for storing/loading data from AWS S3 buckets on this link Amazon S3 | Qlik Cloud Help