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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

Booksmark Load Slowly

Hi, we have an Qlik Sense App with more than 70 community's booksmarks. After open the app, and when we try display the booksmark, we see a black screem for 5 min (see the followind print)


After 5 min (aprox) all booksmark apears:


This happends only in this app, do you know if this is common with this number of booksmarks?

Wer have Qlik Sense version April 2020 patch 3




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Hi, maybe there is some chart calculating on the background, if this is the case you can add a calculation condition to the chart/s so it only clcualtes when the selctions reduces the data to a meagable number of records.

In those cases usually the app can be optimized to give better performance and avoid those long waiting times