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Certificate error over https from internet but works ok.

I have a QlikSense Proxy running on a server in the DMZ with a 2 node cluster for everything else running on it.

I have a valid https certificate on the Proxy and all config done in the QMC.  It all works fine and I can connect to the Hub and apps from the internet, but with Microsoft Edge browser it display the error "there's a problem with this website's security certificate" although if I click "Continue" albeit still displaying "Certificate error"

Similar with Chrome although it displays "Not Secure".

Any ideas anybody ?

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Sorry Bill, I have not the answer 😞 but I have the same problem and I should interested by the answer too.

How we can avoid this message about the security certificate (I have attached a screeshot)2017-04-12_14h17_19.png

Thank you


Contributor III
Contributor III

Have you/anyone found any solution related to this.?

I am currently using the http for avoiding the "Certificate Error". I am having this issue on accessing internally on server browser and remotely QMC and Hub. Certificate details shows "Certificate is OK"