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Contributor III

Cloud (Capacity Measure) - How to monitor amount of data analysed ?



How can I calculated our data consumption?

I can see from Qliks new capacity subscription pricing there is a data analysed limitation with varying pricing blocks, starting at 50 GB.  Is there anywhere within the QMC or via the monitoring apps  or API that i can see what my tenants data consumption is currently sitting at?

I'm assuming as i haven't been contacted by Qlik, our account manager or partner, that we're not approaching/exceeding that limit currently but we are looking to rollout Qlik further within our organisation in the next few months so keen to budget accordingly.


Any ideas or help is mostly greatly appreciated.



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You can see the capacity consumed in the QMC. 
Also, there is a monitoring application that will give you granular information on where the capacity is being consumed :

check this out