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Former Employee
Former Employee

Comparison of recognized Revenue - future, current and past periods

Hi Experts,

I have to compare some revenue MoM, QoQ, YoY. Problem is that this revenue is over time (subscription). I tried to use Qlik Sense App: Prior Period Comparison with Set Analsysis but it does not work in my case.

My goal is to get a line chart which will show me my % increases ie. Q to Q for everything already booked (or table showing % growth per dimension).


- In Q3-2017 I had  - 20 USD

- In Q3-2018 I have  - 25 USD (and still growing)

- In Q3-2019 I will have - 15 USD (I know it already, this can still go up)

- In Q3-2020 I will have - 5 USD (I know it already, this can still go up)

2018-Q3  QoQ increase = 25% [(25-20)/20]

2019-Q3  QoQ increase = -40% [(15-25)/25]

2020-Q3 QoQ change = -66,67% [(5-15)/15]

I find this case tricky because I already have future periods as well ie. I can compare the potential revenue in Q2-2020 with Q2-2021 and 2019 etc.

Please share your thoughts, maybe you have some better KPIs related to subscriptions in your minds.

Sample enclosed - data in I-M is my own excel calculations

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