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Custom Properties for Users using QRS API's

Hey Qlikers,

Can anyone help me to get the list of custom properties for the users using QRS API's.

Using following API's we can fetch Custom Properties and User Lists seperately:

GET /qrs/custompropertydefinition/full

GET /qrs/users/full

But can we combine both the result into one API which can give me Custom Properites assigned to each and every users on Qlik server?

Please suggest.


Balraj Ahlawat

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Hey Guys,

Can anyone suggest?

Any possibility?


Balraj Ahlawat

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

have you inspected the data from user/full closer?postmanquery.png

In april 2018 ( maybe earlier)  it seems they property definition is returned as part of the Json.

I Implemented some code on the App/full to do something similar, i am not sure i can share the code yet.

The way the rest connecter spits back data you may have to meddle with the Select statement as well as use the peek function.

The rows are sparse / not joined so you will have to  use peek to fill in the null values and filter out rows that are null in places.

you will understand when you see it.

I would also suggest filtering down to one individual first  till you get the select statement for the REST connection right

add to the connection a query token or use the 'With Connection' Key word'

here is what i used to filter to myself: query=Name eq 'Mackay, Thomas'


Hi Balraj Ahlawat - were you able to  get the list of custom properties for the users using QRS API's.?