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Ecommerce analytics in Qlik Sense

Has anyone using/used Qlik sense dashboards to analyse ecommerce traffic data?

We are getting huge volume of data from snowplow, but thinking whether qlik sense is the right tool for this.

I would like to hear from someone had actually done this in qlik successfully.



These are the queries we are trying to tackle with user friendly dashboards.

Identifying customers landing on out of stock products

  • How many customers are landing on oos products?
  • Which products are they?
  • Which brands are they?
  • What traffic source?
  • What do the customers do?
    • Bounce
    • CVR
    • Funnel analysis – where do customers go next?


Looking at customer journeys by landing page brand

  • How many customers are landing on a brand?
  • How many of the landing products are OOS?
  • What do the customers do?
    • Bounce
    • Conversion Rate
    • Add to bag
    • Funnel analysis – where do they go next?


Looking at funnel analysis

  • How many customers are landing on the site on the different page types (PDP/Home page etc.)
  • What are the common customer journeys (i.e. PDP > PDP > PDP, HomePage > Cat Page)
  • Which journey types are highest converting


Looking at marketing traffic

  • Looking at the percentage make up of traffic across the traffic types by time to understand growth of channels
  • Looking at change in CVR by channel across time
  • Look at landing page by channel
    • How many OOS views?
    • What are the brands
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you need to visit demos availed in Qlik :

here qlik has provided lot of example's.

Hope this will help you.


Hope this resolve your issue.
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Contributor II
Contributor II

It's great that you're considering Qlik Sense, but it's important to weigh your options carefully. Sometimes, experimenting with different tools or seeking advice from experts can help you find the best fit for your needs.
If you're looking for assistance or guidance, I'd recommend checking out this Custom software development service. They specialize in tailoring solutions to specific business needs and could provide valuable insights to help optimize your analytics process. Keep up the fantastic work!

Contributor II
Contributor II

Harnessing eCommerce analytics in Qlik Sense begins with the integration of several data sources, such as transaction records and consumer information. Building a strong data model is critical for defining links between consumers, items, and orders.

Visualize key indicators such as sales patterns, revenue distribution across product categories, and customer segmentation using an intuitive dashboard interface. Qlik Sense's associative engine allows users to dynamically explore data, revealing hidden insights with ease.

Advanced analytics features enable predictive analysis, such as revenue forecasting or consumer clustering based on behavior. Mobile optimization ensures accessibility at all times and from any location, allowing for quick and informed decisions.

Collaboration tools facilitate the seamless exchange of insights across teams, establishing a culture of data-driven decision-making. Continuous improvement is essential for adjusting dashboards to changing business needs and feedback loops.

In essence, Qlik Sense converts raw eCommerce data into actionable insights, enabling strategic growth and agility in a competitive digital industry.

Incorporating Qlik Sense's robust analytics into eCommerce development or eCommerce design processes empowers businesses to glean actionable insights, driving strategic growth and enhancing user experiences in the dynamic digital landscape.