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How to create a map object using city info

Hi, I am new to Qlik sense, and tried to find the video online regarding the how to create map objective but can not find the fit one. Any one can help me with this.

Attached the data file.

1. I have Swedish city names but do not have longitude or latitude  

2. want to create 2 maps, showing in a specific month(plan to use filter as month here)

    2.1 the map for showing the number (using the size of the bubble) of customers

    2.3 the map showing the Rev (Size of the bubble)

3. I also have MUNCPLTY data,  how to create the \drill/down\ map, showing Muncplty info first as I showed in 2 and can drill down in to city

Thank you so much!

and Also want to know more about the map object creating, any link can provide more info, would like to have!

Thank you so much!!



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Hi, I hope this links will help you.

Qlik Sense 3.0 - Creating a Point Map

Creating a Polygon (choropleth) Map

Best Regards,


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Hi Philipp, thank you so much the Video really interesting.

And if I do that I do need all the longitude and latitude of the each city. 

How every, I can not find the prople file from google.

Went to AggData. ---they only have 20% matching (Swedish) city in my list

and went to

the file seems also not matching.

I also have changed the city names from all Uppercase to Sentence case to match the target file, but still, does not work.

Do you have any recommendation regarding which free database I can use to get the long&lati tude info about the Swedish city in my list?

and Do the 'Formate' of the city names matter regarding the matching/joining withing the qliksense?

Not the Category title but the name: e.g one file having: Stockholm   ---the other have: STOCKHOLM

and sometimess there are may be a space or something in the file and how can I detact that and handle that for correcting matching?

Thank you!