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Contributor III
Contributor III

Incremental load taking same time to reload even when there is no latest data

Hi All,

I have an incremental load. When I reload it, it takes 50 sec to reload the whole data( latest data from source + existing data from qvd by concatenation).But when I reload it again soon after, at that time from the source there is 0 latest data(since the latest data is already been loaded which is now in the qvd in the second reload), still it is taking 50 sec to reload.

According to me ideally it should take less time when there is no latest data coming from source.

Can someone help me out as to why it is taking the same time. How can I optimize it?


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Maybe you could implement a check on the filetime() or something similar to check if there are new/changed data and then skipping the whole loading - but if the data itself needs to be checked if there are new ones it might be not really faster if there are added a few new ones or not .

Depending on the kind of incremental load method and the keys which are used to determine new/old data you might be able to skip the QVD loading/storing - but by a fast storage and loading optimized it might not very significantly in regard to the overall run-times.

- Marcus