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Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

Problem with security rules on extension

Hello! We have self-made extenxion for Qlik Sense Server. It,s a button, that takes data from table on sheet and send it to external script.

After pressing the button, appears message that saids about data is sended.


Suddenly we find out, that button works only on admin account. In standart user account button is visible, but clicking on it does nothing. no messages, no send data to script.

In past button works fine on user accounts, and we don't make anighing, that could broke it (as far as we know).

What security rules or another preferences can affect on this situation?

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Master II
Master II

As far as I know, the issues can be

1. Browser? (Try different browser and test it) Most common one.

2. There is no explicit settings for an extension unless you disable the default extension rule in 'Security Rule'

3. Maybe check the .js script for your extension button and if it has same common script as your other extensions for compatible devices, Browser Support etc...

But yeah, not pretty sure why that's happening. Maybe anyone else can help you?

Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

Well, after testing i'm find out, that button works fine with admin and user acc only in Google Chrome on my computer. In firefox button dont react on pressing.

But! One of our client also have Google Chrome, and button dont work in his case.

Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Hi Evgeny,

you needto verify that you doesn't create CORS, Cros-Origin Request, and all extension library is correct satisfy.

You can debug through Chrome Debug Tool or revers proxy, like Fiddler, to snif http/https traffic.



Specialist II
Specialist II


If you are using Chrome, have to try F12 to open the "developer console", then press the Console tab, press the button and check for any error message. if you get error message post them here.


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