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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

Qlik Sense Penalty Card

Qlik is one of our favorite tools in Analytics. We have more than 10 years knowledge in it. This post is to share fun with you in Qlik Sense.

Being in the Qlik realm for many years, we are together with a lot of people to continue the data journey. In the journey, we always come up with questions on how to tune the performance. It is technical, not easy to follow. It is basically not fun for many people. However, it is a big topic when you are dealing with large amount of data.

One day, a team of us was discussing on how to let everyone have fun learning this. Instead of lengthy paragraphs, diagrams, explanations, etc, we finally come up with an idea about Cards. It is simple, easy to capture and most importantly, it is fun.

We are here introducing the Qlik Sense Penalty cards. They are cards to remind you of some Qlik Sense tips. Qlik Sense Penalty Card, obviously, is to let you know what degrades the performance.  Being Qlik Sense professionals, performance mindset cannot be neglected.

Designing this card is not easy but lots of fun. I would say the cards are not perfect but we have put our passion into it. So, enjoy the cards and have fun together.  Share with us what you think there might be a penalty situation.

We always hope to deliver a win-win situation. We can learn together and evolve together. We had fun with the cards and also hope you will also have fun.

Kindly share your views with us and let's continue with it. Learning should be interesting and fun.

cc @Sim, @Leo and @Anthony, our fancy and lovely team that are always with energy for the next journey :-).


Thanks for reading,



02. Circular Reference.png 03. Data Island.png 04. Redundant data.png 05.  IF expression.png 06.  AGGR expression.png 07.  Many Variables.png 08.  Extensions.png 09. KEY Field in Visualization.png 01. Synthetic Key.png 

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