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Qlik Sense safety issues

Hi all!

As Qlik Sense allows extensions and opens different sites/sources in internet, sense server allows people to connect and interact etc.

How vulnerable it is as a system?

Is it possible for a hacker to use malicious script or connect to a port etc.?

What about extensions? I suppose, Qlik does not check it at all, "use it at your own risk" they say. Isn't it correct to make a Qlik store (like google or apple did) and check all extensions before releasing to customers?

Has the system design and implementation of Qlik Sense been analyzed by a security professionals?

Like there are many bugs in Firefox, Chrome, JAVA, Flash, even in IOS were found critical vulnerabilities.

What about Qlik Sense?

I suppose as it is not much popular, all critical vulnerabilities are not discovered yet, right?

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