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Creator II
Creator II

Restrict selection for a particular column in straight table?


I have this table.


In column Year, I only want user to select one year (and not able to let them select more than one year).

Is it possible to restrict this in the set expression/analysis?


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Good morning

The question now is what year would you want the customer to see?

what syntax did you use in your load screen for the year data?

You can use a match function in the filter FX space by using the below:

if(match(yearfunction,'yearnumber'),yearfunction). This will only show the year number you want to be visible in the filter and the rest will be a null value. You can then deselect the show null block under your Year Data.


Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II


You can Restrict using field setting and check Always one Selected Value.



Creator II
Creator II

Hi Henry,

I used "=Year" dimension in the straight table. Upon load, user will see 2017 in the straight table first. They will be able to change the Year in a dropdown menu that I provide - this will allow them to only pick one year.

However, in the straight table, the user will have the ability to filter more than 1 year (as shown in the picture in my original post). I need to get rid of this. Where should I put the match function you suggested?


Hi udit,

I can't use this because this will lock in for my entire app. I only need it in one, and only one, sheet.

Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

Hi ,


You can write below expression in chart Dimension :-

=if($(=count( distinct Id))=1,Id, 'Please select one')


In Filter Selection Title of ID :-

=if(findoneof(concat(Id,'#'),'#')>0,'pls select one value',Id)


Doing this chart will always display data for only one selected value in Dimension:-





If we select more then one value , it will display message please select one value.




The typical approach here would be to use a calculation condition for the table:

Count(Distinct Year) = 1

And an associated message explaining the user is required to select a year.

There is no way to prevent a user from selecting multiple years (or have no selection) from a table, because they could always make the same selection via global search, a filter pane, the selections screen, etc

Specialist II
Specialist II

@user467341  You can use below expression in your calculation Condition for the table:

count(distinct Year)=1

Display the message as 'Select only one Year at a time'