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Contributor III
Contributor III

Sheet Level Security in QlikSense

Hi All,

We have requirement where certain set of users need to be restricted from accessing  particular sheets in a application.

I tired both the below process but none of them worked.

Sheet or App Object Level Security Qlik Sense

We have 10 sheets out of which 2 sheets need to restricted for set of user group.

If there are any alternative methods please let me know.

Really appreciate your help.


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Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Bilal,

I tired as your described but not able to achieve.

I have Application Name as: Salesforce with sheets name as 1. RawData 2.SalesforceData.

I created a Customer Property

-->SheetLevelSecurity with resource filters selected as Users and gave values RawData only.

--> In Users selected one username (User1) and in Custom Properties I add value RawData for SheetLevelSecurity.

4. Createed a new security rule, and select "App.Object_*" in resource filter.

5. Add the following in the Advanced conditions

(( or

When I logged in(i.e.User1) I could see both the Sheets.

Not sure if I have done anything wrong here.

Any thoughts?


Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Boycke,

I have Salesforce as Application Name and 1.RawData 2.SalesForceData as sheet names.

I created a custom property InternExtern with values Extern and Intern and assigned User with Extern value in custom properties of User.

Then created Security Rule for App Object Access as

(((user.@InternExtern = "Extern" and ( like "*[$w]" or (resource.objectType="masterobject" or resource.objectType="LoadModel" or resource.objectType="measure" or resource.objectType="LoadModel" or resource.objectType="dimension"))))

As per you're statement below

So if you are a external user and the sheet has [$E] in its name, you can see it.

I should see only RawData sheet but I am seeing both the sheets. Did I do anything wrong here?

Really appreciate your help.


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Hi Sridhar,

I think in your case you are being overruled by the standard rules of Qlik Sense.

Forgot i did this….

I switched off some standard rules in Qlik Sense, en created some new ones with reduced rights.

i think the rules you need to evaluate are:

- CreateAppObjectsPublishedApp (If you have read rights on an published app you should be able to create sheets, stories, bookmarks and snapshots belonging to that app)

- CreateAppObjectsUnPublishedApp

     (If you have read rights on an unpublished app you should be able to create app objects belonging to that app)

I think these 2 standard rules are overruling the newly created one.

Try to evaluate these (don't change them, just copy them, adjust it, and disable the Original ones).

Regards Boycke

Contributor III
Contributor III

@Boycke for your help. It works perfectly fine.

Contributor II
Contributor II

Good morning Sridhar,

I am facing same issue since couple days, I did created custom property , assigned it to user and created security rules with custom property but i am not sure what existing rules we have to modify , I did not get what Boycke has explained can you please help me in explaining that ,. i am new to Qlik Sense please help me.


Thanks and Regards

Aslam Shaikh