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Contributor II

Symbols of bookmark and input box

How to put bookmark symbol on bookmark label 


How to put input box symbol on inputbox label




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From the description of this post, it is not very clear as to what exactly you are trying to achieve.


For example:

  1. When you state "symbol" are you talking about icons?
  2. When you state "label" do you mean the that you would like to include the icon in the title of the object?

If you would like to achieve something like in Button objects, where you can add icons to the view, then natively in labels/titles this is not supported and you might have to submit a feature request [1].



However, a workaround would be to use emojis such as:




I hope that this information was helpful! In case I have misunderstood the use case scenario, please share with us a screenshot of the labels and mark the spot where you would like to put the symbol. Additionally, please share the exact symbols that you want, as it will be easier to understand the expected outcome! 





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