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Task Dependencies Qlik Sense

Hi everyone!

I have three applications in my Qlik Sense Server (e.g: X, Y, Z) that must be reloaded only if a fourth application (e.g: A) succed finish. However, if all X, Y and Z starts together (after A) the server will crash. I was wondering if there are the possibility to create tasks like this:

  1. Reload A;
  2. Reload X if A succeed, at 9PM;
  3. Reload Y if A succeed, but at 10PM;
  4. Reload Z if A succeed, but at 11PM;

So the server will never be fully in use. Any ideas?


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You can use the task dependencies option in Qliksense by defining the qliksense application name in the dependences list that should be completed the reload process but not exact time.

Ex:- X application reloads.

       Y is dependent on the X  reload completion.

       Z is dependent on the Y reload completion.



Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

Yes, it can be done by creating a task chain.

  1. Reload A; (Create new daily trigger - depends on requirement)
  2. Reload X if A succeed; (task event trigger - After Task A successful)
  3. Reload Y after completing X; (task event trigger)
  4. Reload Z after completing Y; (task event trigger)

PFA for more info.

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I read the document, but I still don't know how to schedule a task to reload after another app finish the reload AND in a specific time.

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The problem is that X, Y and Z are independent applications, and Y and Z must reload even if X doesn't.