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Creator II
Creator II

Total by each ID

Hi  - I have data as below 

ID Mth_Year Sales Total Sales
ABC Feb-2023 $706 $1,412
ABC Jan-2023 $706 $1,412
DEF Feb-2023 $706 $1,412
DEF Jan-2023 $706 $1,412
GHI Feb-2023 $1,656 $3,311
GHI Jan-2023 $1,656 $3,311
JKL Feb-2023 $1,229 $2,459
JKL Jan-2023 $1,229 $2,459


Total sales is a new column, that I need to create and I nee dthe total of sales by each ID...

Tried sum(total <ID> Sales) but this doesnt work..any thoughts please.


Thank you so much.


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Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP

"sum(total <ID> Sales)" should work. What result did you get when you tried that?

Is "Sales" a field or a Measure Name?


Creator III
Creator III

is this the desired output ,then sum(total<ID>Sales ) is working