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Contributor II
Contributor II


Hi Guys.

Looking to make an expression to handle a lookup or similar.

I only have front-end access.

To keep it simple, I have these dimensions:




Items sold


In a table I have [SalesName] as the only dimension and then multiple Expressions showing performance from that [SalesName].

Sometimes SalesName and ResponsibleName is not the same.

What I now would like is to make an Expression in the same table (and keeping [SalesName] as the only Dimension), looking up the [SalesName] in the [ResposibleName] Dimension and then summing up the sales? (Also including the sales, where the SalesName is different, but ResponsibleName is equal.)

See example. 

How to? 🙂

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Hi @ramp1985 

May be , try like below

=Sum({<SalesName= p(ResponsibleName)>}Sales)

Thanks & Regards, Mayil Vahanan R
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Contributor II
Contributor II

Thanks!. But seems like its still only takes the once where the SalesName also still is the same?

- Is it possible to find the equal ResponsibleName and sum the sales no matter what the SalesName is?