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Partner - Creator

Where does the QlikView's Publisher functionality present in QlikSense?

Hi All,

I want to know where does the QV's Publisher functionality lie in QlikSense.

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Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

There is no publisher available in Qlik Sense.  The Qlik Sense Enterprise Server version has the option Tasks to schedule the reload. The Tasks is available in the qmc of Qlik Sense. You can setup the reload steps and schedule them as required.

Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

Also, the Qlik Sense hub now has option to publish the app to a stream. Right Click on the app to show the context menu and select Publish.

Specialist II
Specialist II

Hi Yasmeen,

QlikSense allows you to publish from the HUB and the QMC as long as you account has the appropiated permissions. QlikSense handles published applications with the Stream concept, which is like a folder; you should create these streams prior to start publishing, like "Accounting", "Sales", "Operations", for more information follow this link:

Arnaldo Sandoval
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Hey Yasmeen,

So there isn't a direct 1:1 relationship between QlikView Services and Qlik Sense Services. Functionally, the Publisher (QlikView Distribution Services) does several roles:

  1. Does reloads through QVB processes
  2. Distributes to folders / QVS
  3. Sets meta-data about the app

(1) is handled by the Qlik Sense Scheduler. It will hand off the reload to a single Engine.exe process rather than multiple QVB.exe processes.

The closest comparison for (2) would be the Qlik Sense Repository Service which handles rule evaluation (security rules, load balancing rules).

(3) is straight-forwardly done by the Qlik Sense Repository Service, but the presence or lack thereof of a reload doesn't matter inside of Qlik Sense.

Hope that helps.


By Qlikview Publisher, can achieve:


Static Data Reduction


Load Balancing.

By QlikSense without Publisher, can achieve above same from below areas.

Manage Tasks and triggers

Manage nodes and services...