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Contributor III
Contributor III

Why does my Pivot table’s Subtotal NOT giving correct summation?

Dear Qlik experts,

I’ve this pivot table with row level tow (2) fields; Week and Products. I want to allow users to filet by Products and if no filter used for the product want to show all the products with the sub-total on week level.

Qlik TotalQlik Total

It's giving me subtotal 71 than 917.


Thank you very much for your help and effort.

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Specialist II
Specialist II

Please check if you are really using the sum() function in that Expression.
Seems like you are currently using Count() there.

If your expression written with If..Else condition definitely it won't give proper one. But, Simply use like

Sum(Aggr(Your expression, Your Dimension1, Your Dimension2. ...))

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