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book required

Hi Everyone

Since the codes are killing me and I can't understand their logic yet so i was hoping if somebody can suggest a book or a website to learn from it and get ahead with everything in a short time. I'm a fast learner and open minded just need a good source.

especially for visualization.

thanks in advance

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Master III
Master III

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For Qlikview, you can check this?

Qlikview reference manual

For Qliksense:

New to Qlik Sense Videos

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Don't go with books - by the time they are published and distributed they are already outdated, given the current pace of updates in Qlik Sense.

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you are right but the codes for a selection statement or for it to do something take a lot of time to invent because I don't have the proper guidelines to write it so I was hoping a book  or a source that can tell me the basis for that.