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Sense and NPrinting can coexist in the same server?

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Partner - Specialist III
Partner - Specialist III

Yes and No. It is technically possible to install them in the same server, but it is an unsupported configuration, which means that Qlik can refuse to give support to this environment. So I highly recommend you to not do it.

Extracted from Help:

"Qlik NPrinting Engine and Server and Qlik Sense Server should not be installed on the same computer. There are no known incompatibilities between these two products, but in a production environment, Qlik NPrinting should be installed on a separate computer (virtual or physical) from Qlik Sense because Qlik NPrinting Engine and Server will consume all the available resources of the computer they are installed on. This may lead to Qlik Sense crashing because of lack of resources."

Specialist III
Specialist III

They do in my environment, but that's because hardware was scarce.  Be aware, when NPrinting does it's thing, it will act like SQL Server and try to eat up all the RAM (It sees a byte, it eats a byte).  For a while, this was making the server unresponsive to requests from users, as well as putting a crimp in any data/dashboard reloads that were occurring. 


If at all possible, stuff your NPrinting onto another server.  But if you are on a budget, rollin' with servers picked up at Dollar General, then you have no choice and will have to help users manage their expectations.