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Contributor III
Contributor III

cumulative sum line chart with calculated dimension, problem with series

 Hi, I have a problem with cumulative sum line chart, the problem is I think I need to aggr by dimension, but im usin calculated one, and puting it in the formula gives rubbish chart result.
So I'm playin with covid19 data. Columns of interest: date, cases, deaths, country.
Ive calculated on visualisation purposes dimension like:
day_0: =Aggr(nodistinct min({<cases=-{'0'}>}date),countriesAndTerritories)

//marks day with first case confirmed

date-Aggr(NODISTINCT min({<cases=-{'0'}>}date),countriesAndTerritories)<0,
date-Aggr(NODISTINCT min({<cases=-{'0'}>}date),countriesAndTerritories)

//counts following days from day_0

Then I have a cumulative sum of Cases cinfirmed:

RangeSum(Above(total sum(cases),1,RowNo(total)))


I want to show it as a line chart, with day_count and country as  dimensions. When i filter one country its, ok, problem is when i want to show more countries as a series. Then instead of something like that (example from power bi):
Adnotacja 2020-06-16 195150.jpg


I get this:

Adnotacja 2020-06-16 195tgtrr150.jpg

thx for any help 🙂

edit: link to source table: 


dont know why, but when i convert this chart to pivot table, it works correctly:


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