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Contributor III

default Selection in Variable Input extension

Hi Folks,

I have a good question i.e I want to show the default currency based on userID i.e if USA guy login with his user id then he can see USD as a default currency and if Europe  guy logins then he can see EUR as a Default Currency. I had variable input extension where previously i had defined the alternate state  which is USD,  EUR, AUD, CAD etc so i have to choose manually that currency based on variable vCurrToggle='USD'


Now I Want to put default filter in this extension based on UserID like mentioned above

for that i Tried this expression 

pick(match(UPPER(UserID),(Upper(SubField(OSUser(),'UserId=', 2 )))),[UserCurrency])

and in table, it's giving default currency based on the userID but when i Put this expression in extension it's giving the blank 

so guys please help on this ASAP if it's possible or else any other suggestion will be good 


Thanks in advance

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Partner - Master
Partner - Master

Hi Puraskrit,

@vikramv mentioned this in a previous post:

Try to use the " Variable Input "  and "Button for Navigation" from the dashboard bundle as the Nov 2018 version. Hope this would give solution to your issue.

If you gave domain name for a specific region user . You can use OSUser (EU/User1) in you conditions to display the relevant selections using "Button for Navigation" to set the variable value.

You can try this.



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Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Jordy,

 Thank you so much for your quick response,

so as you see i already used OSUser()  in my Expression which will give the currency when the userID Matches and it's working in table but not in variable Input  and I saw the post which you shared  so I already  defined the userID along with his currency in script  so how it will work in variable input and how to relate button with variable input extension.

Thank you

Creator III
Creator III

Hi Singh,

If your issue is not solved , The easiest alternative way to your issue is...

Create Island Table with 1 field named %Currency (with Values USD, AUD etc...) 

Use Section Access in the script on the %Currency with the listed users.

In the front end sheet , Create a list box for Currency with select-single-value .

So when you execute your script each user get reduced field value or 1 value USD or AUD etc..

Then by default users should able to see the data as per what you are expecting.

( OR ) Alternative is you need to divide the users based on the region using the user directory in the Security Rules and assign them the  currency values (REF : QlikSense-Sheet-Level-Security-QMC-Security-Rules).

Hi Jordy, Thank you for mentioning !