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Contributor III
Contributor III

Add Criteria in visual opposed to using a Filter


I have a line chart where by I need to see the results based on a selection. I could use the filter but I want this visual to remain static and not be dependent on a filter selection. 

Dimensions - Group


Dimension - Line



Aggr(RangeSum(Above(Count(Count_TY), 0, RowNo())),Price_Band,(Months_to_convert,(Numeric,Ascending)))

Aggr(count(TOTAL <Price_Band> Count_TY),Price_Band,(Months_to_convert,(Numeric,Ascending)))


What I want to include is to show this where Category_In = 'PAL'. I don't need to see this on my line chart, just need to only show results that are Category_In = 'PAL'

Any idea how to include this please?

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Specialist II
Specialist II

You can use Set Analysis 

for example Count({<Category_In={'PAL'}>}Count_TY),