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Aggr Function Help

Reschedule-Route Example.PNG

I am trying to flag '1' when there is Operation/Transaction of  "Reschedule or Route" for the first time in a given Task ID (as shown in the above) and then sum the number of such records for each LockedBy_IR in separate column.

In the above example, the sum for TGARCIA should be 1 and 0 for rest of the LockedBy_IR.

Any help will be really appreciated.

Thank you in Advance.

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Re: Aggr Function Help


try this :

if(row_counter =

aggr(nodistinct min(if(operation = 'route' or operation = 'reschedule',row_counter)),task_id),




Re: Aggr Function Help

Would you be able to share a sample to have a look and test it out?

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Re: Aggr Function Help

I won't be able to share data.

I am sorry, for late response I didn't get the notification email about the comments on my thread.