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Alternate state issue with the latest qliksense version


We just upgraded to latest version of qlik sense (September 2017) and i have started facing a wired issue with qliksense.

Below are the steps we are doing in the application:

1) We are creating two alternate states using qlik.app.addAlternateState(qStateName)

2) We have a set of filters stored that we want to apply on each state.

3) For applying filters on each state in a for loop we are doing the below steps

     a) Clearing all the filters from that state using qlik.app.clearAll(lockedAlso, state)

     b) Grabbing the field reference of that particular state  using  filter = app.obj.app.field(filterName, state)

     c) Applying the filter by using filter.selectValues(values, true, false)

The above a,b,c steps are in a for loop for each state . The selectValues method for the 2nd alternate state is always failing.

For example , I am creating two alternate states say x and y. And if i perform all the above steps the y will fail at step c. And if i create y and x then x will fail at step c.

Below id the qlik sense error from the network tab:

{jsonrpc: "2.0", id: 75, error: {code: 15, parameter: "Failure", message: "Request aborted"}}

error:{code: 15, parameter: "Failure", message: "Request aborted"}


message:"Request aborted"




Thanks !!

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Re: Alternate state issue with the latest qliksense version

Hi chetan.nandrajog!!!
I have the same problem. could you solve it?


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Re: Alternate state issue with the latest qliksense version

Hi chetan.nandrajog
I have very similar problem with performing about 10 requests in a Promise.all that often results to the same error.
Have you found a way to solve that problem?


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