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An Error Occurred - Not Connected


I have just recently started QA Testing of a QlikServe Application using Google Chrome. 

Following the Timeout period (defined on the Qlik Virtual Proxy) hen using Chrome, I am presented with an error which just simply states: 

"An Error Occurred - Not Connected"


This error is displayed whenever I attempt to perform a search within the current dashboard or navigate to another. However, none of the actions are completed.

Following the same timeout period when using Microsoft Edge, I am redirected to the login screen for our app.

Has anyone ever come across this error message before?


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Re: An Error Occurred - Not Connected

Hope you doing well. I do no think is a timeout issue, it could be in fact an service crashing, can you try to replicate the issue once again and the check windows event logs, possible engine crashing. I would also check the the Qlik's engine and proxies logs and see if any error popup there. 



Giuseppe Novello
Principal Technical Support Engineer @ Qlik
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Re: An Error Occurred - Not Connected


We have a user that gets this error quite consistently, it doesn't seem to be timeout related as it happens during active use. Is it the users computer event logs you are suggesting checking?