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Contributor II
Contributor II

Calendar Visualization

For Qlik Sense (not Qlik View please).   

I've been challenged to display on a dashboard in a Calendar format.  Think like an appointment book, our customers book appointments and the idea is to track those that miss their appointment in something that looks like a Outlook WEEKLY calendar mashed up with a heat map.  With blocks of time taking up the space for appointments booked (or Not).  

I'm not asking about the Master Calendar, we have the data already.  It's the visualizations we can't seem to find something that 'looks' like a weekly calendar or will allow us to draw our own visual(s).  The users have a wireframe that they would like us to replicate and I'm not finding anything even close.

I can't believe Qlik doesn't have a calendar object of some sort.

Thanks in Advance!



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can't you bring in your appointment data and put it into a table showing one week's appointments ?

You can do conditional coloring based on the data

Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi Lisa!  Thank you for your reply.

True, we could use a table, but that's not what the users have asked for.  They'd like a visualization similar to the calendar object available in Tableau.  I wasn't sure how to force the table to look like a calendar (I've tried with Pivot tables) and explored the community but nothing I've found has worked.  I see QV solutions but nothing for QS.  If there's something I've missed please point me in that direction.  I'm a visual learner so examples help.

I read Mike Tarallo's(sp?) post that said Qlik might be working on a calendar object back in 2015, but nothing since.  Was it dropped in favor of a table?


Thank you again!