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Data Load Error: Unknown

Hi, I just tried to load half a billion rows of data from 13 different tables using the data load script editor in Qlik Sense Enterprise (Nov 2018 version). It took 2 hours to load the data, 30 minutes for qlik to create the 6 synthetic keys I had planned for the data load. Then it took 10 minutes extra before it crashed and I got the following messages pop up under my "Data load progress":

"The following error occured:
-1 ="

and also this message right underneath it:

"The error occurred here:
Unknown Error"

Then it finally said underneath all that:
"Data has not been loaded. Please correct the error and try loading again."

I don't know which one of all my data associations failed and why it failed. How can I troubleshoot this issue?

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Synthetic keys may work in many cases but IMO they are a serious lack in the datamodel especially if there are multiple ones and by large datasets - and their creation needs a lot of resources and you might hit the available RAM and your observed error-message could be a result of it.

I suggest that you load a reduced dataset maybe just a few thousand records and adjust the datamodel.

- Marcus