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Data load editor

Hello all,

I am using Qliksence desktop. I have created a Dashboard which shows required charts to the user. The file which i have connected to qliksence will not be the same file name. Every day i need to update the name in data load editor as i don't want to give access to user. Is there any other way by which the user can select the new file without accessing Data load editor?

In the below screen shot, you can see that at present the name is GSM03-1221.xlsx. Tomorrow it will be GSM03-1222.xlsx. It will change as per time.


Thanks and Regards


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Re: Data load editor


From [lib://GSM Desktop/GSM03*.xlsx]


how to Load only the latest files?

Load latest Excel file to Qlikview

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Re: Data load editor

Thanks for your immediate response.

I think if i use this script, it will select whatever the file which starts with GSM03. My issue is, there will be 30 to 40 files inside the connection which starts with GSM03.

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