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Date Range Filter in Qliksense

Hi All,

I have a two fields FromDate and ToDate. I need to show these two fields in front end as input boxes.

The user has to update any date in FromDate  box and also in ToDate box. For eg. in FromDate as 1/1/2018 and in ToDate as 1/1/2019, the table should reflect the values based on the inputted dates. I cannot use Data range picker extension as it is not supported bu our client. Is there any other option to solve this.

Please advise/suggest me. 


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Re: Date Range Filter in Qliksense

Just use drop down filter there you have search option it will allow user to enter date


Re: Date Range Filter in Qliksense


It is possible by having a Qlik input variable object.

Add two objects and have two variable as From and To.

while you call it in the measure , just make sure that u use Date#() and Date() functions to  have a proper format.