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Contributor III
Contributor III

Dimensions with "null" values go hidden when filter is applied

Hello everyone.

I have a pivot table which shows the amount of products (letters in the pivot table) sold to each client (represented by numbers). As you can see, not every client buys every single product, and my main goal is to show which products they buy and which they do not. However, when I set a filter to show only one client, I miss the information of which products they do not buy, as the dimensions that are "null" go hidden.

At first, I thought these dashes represented null values, but when I tried to test it through the IsNull function, they did not show as -1 and remain as dashes.

This is the expression for the values shown in the pivot table:

sum({<[MovNF Código MovCtb] = {100,109,110,112,123,131,132,133,134,140,142,143,149,152,156,162,168,169,181,186,139,145,197,199},

[NF Flag Status] = {'N'}>}

[MovNF INDICE QUANTIDADE]*[Produto Valor Quantidade Embalabem])

pivot table.PNG

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Partner - Master III
Partner - Master III

it depends how the data model is.

I think when you select a client, you'll se only the products sold to him.

If you need to show also the products he did not buy you could use a data island table.


Data islands can be created from any data source and are often created as an inline table. Data islands can be used to refer dates, table headers, or what ever you need to disconnect from most of the existing data in the data model.


take a look here https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-create-data-islands-qlikview-using-source-christiana-steves/

I hope it helps.