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Does Qlik Sense Server support dynamic ram?

Hello everyone.

A quick question.

Does Qlik Sense Server officially support a server using dynamic ram?

Looking forward to your answer

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Re: Does Qlik Sense Server support dynamic ram?

Yes definitely. Dynamic RAM was introduced first time in 1973. As far as I know all regular computers running Windows in normal business and private operations utilize DRAM of some sort as their normal "main memory". DRAM has yet to be replaced as  the dominant "main memory". CPU caches and other more specialized use cases might use static RAM for speed and or power consumption purposes - but the costs are much higher.

If any computer used static RAM as main memory it wouldn't matter to the operating system or the applications and programs running anyway.

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Re: Does Qlik Sense Server support dynamic ram?

Probably my bad English ....but what I really mean is dynamic memory allocation in a virtual server environment where memory is allocated after usage and you set up a min and max range of ram e.g. min 8 GB max 32 GB. Does Qlik Sense support that and also perform well with dynamic ram allocation ?