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Dynamic Qlik Sense Story for monthly update

Dear Community,

I've been struggling with this request and I couldn't find a solution myself of within the forum.

I've developed a dashboard (about 10 pages) which highlights sales figures by comparing current year and previous year (with set analyses). The idea is to compare figures from January to the current month with same time frame from previous year.

Our customer would like to build a story (that would be exported and shared for all employees) which is automatically updated to cover new added data (to replace an old manual powerpoint they used to have)

I thought a "Live data sheet/Sheet library" might do the trick but it only keeps my selection when I created it (for instance selection was year = 2019 ; month = January-February vs year = 2018 ; month = January-February). It won't take into account data for March when we load the data. 

I also thought that my selection within the story would be spread over the entire story but it is kept for the current page only.

I am therefore asking you if you might have an idea for avoiding to create a new story.

Best regards

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Re: Dynamic Qlik Sense Story for monthly update

Hi ! Anyone with a good idea? Thanks 🙂
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Re: Dynamic Qlik Sense Story for monthly update

Hi everybody. I have the same doubt than @ArnoSoet . I would be very appreciate if someone can add a solution. THANKS