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Filter Date Range

Hi Friends

Is it possible to selecy date range prompt


Last 1 month or last 6 months or some date range.?

Based on filter selection value my report should change.


Govind R

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Re: Filter Date Range

If you want to create a list of ranges like 'Last Month' and 'Last 6 Months' then you'll have to create a new field in the script for that.



    ...some fields...,


    12*(Year(Today())-Year(MyDate)) + Month(Today()) - Month(|MyDate) as MonthsAgo,

    ...some more fields...






MonthsAgo, DateRange

0, Current month

1, One month ago

2, Two months ago


12, Twelve months ago

1, Last three months

2, Last three months

3, Last three months

1, Last six months

2, Last six months

3, Last six months

4, Last six months

5, Last six months

6, Last six months

1, Last twelve months

2, Last twelve months

3, Last twelve months

4, Last twelve months

5, Last twelve months

6, Last twelve months

7, Last twelve months


11, Last twelve months

12, Last twelve months


You can then add the new field DateRange in a Filter Pane so users can select from those date ranges   

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Re: Filter Date Range

Yes it is possible.

You can have a list with dates and you can select by expression, par example, if you have list of days, you can write > 12/07/2016 in order to select dates in the range 13/07/2016 to 12/08/2016 (last month) ....

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Re: Filter Date Range

You can see this:

date range

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Re: Filter Date Range

I am using qlik sense.Can you please give me qlik sense solution

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Re: Filter Date Range

Hi I am new to Qlik sense.Please give me steps.

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Re: Filter Date Range

I created script like



    date([ACT_START_DATE])=today()-1  as Yesterday,

    date([ACT_START_DATE])=today()-2 as DaybeforeYesterday


Now how can i call this report.

Date: Yesterday or DaybeforeYesterday...... each values in drop down list.How can i achieve this.